Abortion Services

Surgical abortions are offered at our facility from 5 to 19 weeks. You will receive counseling and education before the procedure. At least two days prior to your appointment, you will have laboratory work done at a convenient facility. On the day of your procedure, a sonogram will be performed to determine gestational age. IV moderate sedation - a safer alternative to general anesthesia - is offered to promote relaxation and pain relief.


• May be performed during the first 5-12 weeks of pregnancy.

• The procedure is completed in one visit.

• A local anesthetic is used to numb the cervix, which is gently dilated. A small vacurette is inserted into the uterus and suction is used to remove the uterine contents.


• May be performed from 13-19 weeks.

• The procedure may require two days.

• Many 13-15 week terminations, however, can be completed in one day.

• Laminaria will be inserted to dilate the cervix.

• On the second day, the patient will return to the clinic to complete the abortion.

Other Services We Provide at Womenservices


Urine pregnancy tests, most accurate after a missed period, are provided for a $3 fee with photo ID. Monday through Friday 9AM - 4:30PM, and some Saturdays 9AM - 3PM. Results are available immediately, and no appointments are necessary.


Women now have many choices for birth control methods. At the time of the abortion appointment, a counselor will discuss contraceptive options. We offer Depo-Provera, Ortho-Evra (the patch), Nuvaring, birth control pills, condoms, and the Morning After Pill. IUDs and Nexplanon are also offered in our Private Practice.


We offer a comprehensive follow-up visit to every patient. Our physician and nurse are available on a 24 hour basis for any concerns that may arise between your abortion and follow-up appointment.


Womenservices also provides women and couples with pregnancy options counseling and post-abortion counseling.


In cases where birth defects are diagnosed and you decide to terminate, we will work closely with you and your physician to provide an abortion.

Fee Schedule

5-9 weeks without sedation $425

5-9 weeks with sedation $450

10-12 weeks $500

13 weeks $550

14 weeks $650

15 weeks $800

16 weeks $950

17 weeks $1,100

18 weeks $1,250

19 weeks $1,400

Medical Abortion (5-7 weeks) $450

Rhogam 1st Trimester $60

Rhogam 2nd Trimester $90